Lollipopter Kinetic Toy

John Edmark

Make magic in the palm of your hand. The Lollipopter is a fun kinetic toy that goes from a “swirl” to a “burst” in one simple motion. All you need is to give the handle a quick spin and marvel at the collision of light and color. Available in three brilliant hues—Mango, Sugar Plum, and Huckleberry—the elegant structure is inspired by natural plant forms and utilizes mathematical concepts such as the Fibonacci numbers. With this type of consideration in its design, it can have multiple uses in your creative life. Put down your fidget spinner, for instance, and try it as a stress reliever. Or, take advantage of its white metal-weighted display stand and decorate your desk. 


  • Each of the kinetic toys features 40 plastic pieces assembled on a stainless steel tube.
  • It is displayed on a white metal-weighted display stand.
  • Lollipopter measures 4.5 inches x 10 inches in diameter.
  • This kinetic toy measures 4.5 inches x 10 inches in diameter.
  • Please handle with care. The Lollipopter’s arms will be damaged when it is dropped and hits a hard surface.
  • Not recommended for children under 3 years old (it is a choking hazard).

About John Edmark

Artist John Edmark combines math, architecture, computer science, and animation to bring his work to life. His work celebrates the “patterns underlying space and growth,” and he “strives to give viewers access to the surprising structures hidden within apparently amorphous space.”

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