'Vincat van Gogh' Enamel Pin


If you ask us, cats make everything better. Just look how they've improved Jenga! And in the case of artist portraits, felines are charming stand-ins for some of the world’s most beloved artists. Nia Gould of Niaski has created this enamel pin as a portrait of Vincent van Gogh with a kitty twist. Called Vincat van Gogh, the orange feline is reminiscent of the Dutch painter in a couple of ways, namely with an intense gaze and missing left ear—a reference to the real-life event in which van Gogh slashed his left earlobe. Wear this pin on your left lapel secured by a rubber pin back to tell everyone that you’re a fan of art as well as cats.


  • Vincat van Gogh is a hard enamel pin with a gold finish.
  • The pin is secured with a rubber pin backing.
  • The dimension of the design is about an inch.

About Nia Gould

Niaski is the design studio of Nia Gould. By day she is the Creative Design Manager of a “vibrant and lively arts venue,” and on the weekends and evenings, she combines her passion for arts and felines by creating prints and accessories that cat owners will love.  

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