Papa Nessie Pasta Spoon


Invite a legend to dinner with the Papa Nessie pasta spoon! This charming kitchen tool is modeled after the mythic Loch Ness Monster itself, with a long neck that doubles as a handle and ten strong legs to grab onto your pasta shape of choice. After you serve dinner, you can leave the spoon inside the pot to guard your leftovers. 

Add it to your kitchen repertoire, or gift it to the quirky chef in your life. 


  • Papa Nessie pasta spoon is made of BPA-free cookware plastic that's turquoise in color.
  • It is 100% food safe and dishwater safe.
  • The dimensions are 2.4 x 3 x 11.4 inches (6 x 8 x 30 cm).


OTOTO products are functional household items with a witty and unexpected twist. Many of them are inspired by fairy tales or myths, as exemplified by the Nessie collection.

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