Here at My Modern Met Store, you’ll find some of the greatest creative products from makers around the world. From innovative art supplies to artist action figures to a Loch Ness-inspired ladle, we have no shortage of unique items that are a big hit with the creative crowd. And now, you can get in on the action with our Partnership Program!


What is the My Modern Met Store Partnership Program?

The My Modern Met Store Partnership Program is an affiliate marketing program in which you can share a special link to our products. If someone makes a purchase using your link, you’ll receive a portion of the sale. 

We are currently partnered with a diverse group of content creators from art enthusiast bloggers to national household publishers, including Wirecutter, Domino, and Buzzfeed.


How to Become a Partner With Us:

  • Sign Up
  • Join our team of creators, bloggers and publishers who are earning with My Modern Met Partnership Program by visiting ShareASale for more details.

  • Refer
  • Share our products with your community using customized linking tools for publishers, bloggers and content creators.

  • Earn
  • Earn 6% (or more!) for qualifying top performers in affiliate fees and monetize your traffic.

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the Partnership Program work?
  • You can share products on My Modern Met Store with your community through customized linking tools and earn money with qualifying purchases. 

  • How do I qualify for this program?
  • We are now accepting applications from bloggers, publishers, content creators, and influencers with a qualifying website or social media profile. Learn More

  • How do I earn in this program?
  • You earn from qualifying purchases made through the traffic that you drive to the My Modern Met Store

  • How do I sign up?
    Sign up to our Partnership Program here. We will review your application and approve if you meet the qualifying criteria.
  • How long does the tracking cookie last?
    The tracking cookie lasts for 30 days after initial clickthrough. 
  • Can you earn more than 6% of every purchase made?
    We are open to partnerships in which high commission rates may be available. Please contact to learn more.