Viviva Fall Colorsheets

Viviva Colors

Viviva Colors has created another sequel to its bestselling original colorsheets, this time inspired by the warm hues of the autumn season. Included in this set is a whole new array of 16 vibrant colors, ranging from dusk orange to pastel blue.

The watercolor set is packaged as a small booklet in which each sheet is made of a supersaturated layer of pigment that's deposited on the paper. To get started, simply wet your brush, run it over the chosen color, and start painting your next great masterpiece.

Viviva Fall Colorsheets is available as a Single Set, which features one color booklet only.


  • Viviva Fall Colorsheets features 16 transparent colors that are made from ultra-premium dyes that result in transparent and vibrant colors. They include crimson, brick red, dusk orange, autumn leaf, fire, happy yellow, treebark brown, earth brown, light green, bottle green, peacock blue, ink blue, pastel pink, pastel orange, pastel green, and pastel blue.
  • The watercolor sheets are easy to hold in one hand and color indexed at the bottom for easy one-handed access.
  • With super-saturated hues that are long-lasting; each sheet has comparable coverage to a typical half-pan.
  • Don’t worry about the sheets sticking together; a special water-repellent paper separates the colors and prevents them from sticking when wet.
  • The set also includes a mixing panel that folds in and out that allows for easy (and convenient!) mixing of colors.

About Viviva Colors

Viviva Colors was built by two brothers named Aditya and Rohan Vadgaonkar. The portable watercolors were originally a hit on Indiegogo where they raised 564% of their original campaign.

Here's Viviva Colorsheets in action!