Find Your Artistic Voice

Chronicle Books

The path of an artist is not a straight line. If you're looking for insight into how to carve your own place in an ever-changing industry, then there's no better book to turn to than Find Your Artistic Voice

Written by bestselling author, artist, and illustrator Lisa Congdon, this small paperback is full of interviews with successful creatives as well as helpful advice on how to identify and nurture your visual identity as an artist and push through fear and insecurity. 

Gift this book to a creative you know to inspire their journey, or pick it up for yourself to find insight into the careers of established artists and illustrators and how to make that happen for yourself. 


  • Find Your Artistic Voice contains 128 pages in a paperback format. 
  • The size of the book is 6" x 8". 
  • Published in August 2019. 

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