'Viva La Vida Frida Kahlo' 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


Test your jigsaw skills and art history knowledge as you put this puzzle together!

Frida Kahlo was a prominent Mexican artist of the early 20th century whose colorful paintings are remembered for their striking imagery and symbolism. And now, award-winning toy manufacturer eeBoo is celebrating her legacy. They've partnered with contemporary illustrator Petra Braun to produce a stunning 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. The vibrant design features motifs commonly found in her oeuvre, including a monkey, birds, and flowers as well as miniature interpretations of some of Frida's self-portraits and other iconic works. 


  • Viva La Vida Frida Kahlo puzzle is designed by artist Petra Braun and features 1,000 pieces. 
  • The completed puzzle measures 23 x 23 inches. 
  • It is made of 90% recycled gray-board and printed with vegetable-based inks. 

About eeBoo

EeBoo is an award-winning, woman-owned boutique toy manufacturer that specializes in "useful, beautiful, and well-made educational games and gifts." 

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