Inside Information: Sneakerheads Poster


Shopping for a sneakerhead? Well, creative brand Dorothy has designed a poster that will put their knowledge to the test. The Sneakerheads Poster is a cutaway print that captures "some of the greatest moments of the history of the modern sneaker."

From the invention of vulcanized rubber by Charles Goodyear in 1839 to the first Nike Air Max by Tinker Hatfield in 1987, you will find numerous important figures hidden inside the form of the shoe. Also found inside the poster are key "sneaker moments," such as Forrest Gump in Nike Cortez, Bruce Lee wearing Onitsuka Tigers in Game of Death, and Marty McFly in his Nike MAGs. 

Pick up this litho print to decorate your home office, or wrap it up as a gift for someone who loves shoes, history, or both.


  • Sneakerheads Poster is a three-color lithograph print.
  • The poster is printed on 120 gsm uncoated art paper.
  • It measures 50 x 70 cm.
  • The Sneakerheads Map includes a numbered key.

About Dorothy

UK-based studio Dorothy collaborates with talented artists to create conceptual and innovative art with a clever and, oftentimes, educational twist.

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