Mars Dust Globe


Shopping for an avid stargazer? Well, Portland-based toy company Humango has reimagined the classic snow globe so that space lovers of all ages can hold the fascinating "Red Planet" in their hands.

The Mars Dust Globe includes two views of the celestial object. One side features an adult and child astronaut holding hands and posing against a detailed shot of the bright red landscape. On the other side of the globe is a topographical view of Mars, which includes images of Valles Marineris—one of the largest canyons in the solar system—and Olympus Mons—a massive shield volcano that is two and a half times the height of Mount Everest. Simply shake the glass globe and watch as flakes of red dust engulf the space travelers.


  • One side of the Mars Dust Globe shows the planet view of Mars, and the other side features two astronauts.
  • The globe is made of glass and measures 100mm (about 3.9 inches) in diameter.

About Humango

Portland-based toy company Humango is not afraid to think outside the box. Their goal "is to make innovative, fresh toys and objects that no one has ever thought of before."

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