Portrait Drawing for Beginners: Learn How to Draw Anyone You’d Like

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It’s no secret that drawing a human portrait is a challenge. When learning to draw the face, it’s helpful to have some instruction as you navigate this tricky subject.

Luckily, My Modern Met Academy has just the class for you. Enroll in the online course Portrait Drawing for Beginners: Learn How to Draw Anyone You’d Like and you’ll gain all the skills to sketch someone with relative ease.

Taught by illustrator Melissa De Nobrega, this comprehensive course that will break down the process of sketching a face into bite-size steps. You’ll begin with a couple of anatomy lessons as Melissa goes through skull structure and the facial muscles. Accurate portrait drawing is a lot of planning, so she’ll show you facial landmarks to look for and guidelines that you’ll want to follow in order to faithfully recreate your subject, whether that’s digitally or with traditional media.


Course Details

  • This is an online class. It is a digital product, and no physical product will be mailed to you.
  • The class difficulty is beginner.
  • Course duration is 1.7 hours. 
  • Closed captioning is available. 


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About Melissa De Nobrega

Melissa de Nobrega has been a graphic designer and illustrator for nearly 8 years. She has always maintained a strong love for traditional art, and makes it her personal endeavor to become a better artist herself by honing her ability to draw and paint both realistic and stylized portraits. It was back in 2016 when she decided to try her hand at teaching her very first online illustration class. The unexpected success of that first class, and the overwhelmingly positive response from its students, fueled her desire to continue teaching. As Melissa has deep a deep fascination for portraiture and human autonomy, many of her classes tend to have a strong focus on these subjects.


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