The Rainbow Atlas

Chronicle Books

Through books, you can travel to a myriad of places from the comfort of your home. The Rainbow Atlas offers a tour of 500 destinations around the world that are bursting with brilliant color.

From the pink salt lakes of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula to the vibrant streets of Cape Town, this hardcover features an array of eye-popping photographs that are sure to spark a bucket list of must-see places. Accompanying the images are facts on each place as well as advice on the best time to visit these interesting locals.

Whether you use this book as a stunning coffee table piece to entertain guests or as inspiration for your next vacation, it will surely bring delight into your life. 


  • The Rainbow Atlas contains 400 pages in a hardcover format. 
  • The size of the book is 6.75" x 9". 
  • Published in May 2020. 

About Chronicle Books

Chronicle Books is an independent book publisher based in San Francisco. They are "inspired by the enduring magic of books" and use the powerful platform as a way to ignite the passion of readers around the world.